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PTFE Sealing solution for hydraulic & Pneumatic applications

Hydraulic seals with precision engineering: improving hydraulic cylinder performance
Seals are essential to preserving the reliability and effectiveness of hydraulic
& Pneumatic cylinders in the complex world of both the systems. These seals are meticulously developed at Mask Seals using state-of-the-art simulated and sophisticated production methods.
Superior Sealing Quality
Hydraulic seals are essential parts of hydraulic cylinders that guarantee a tight seal between different parts. Mask Seals takes great pride in manufacturing hydraulic & Pneumatic seals that meet your needs.
Our seals, meticulously designed to deliver maximum efficiency in both pneumatic and hydraulic applications, are the pinnacle of sealing technology. Our seals are excellent at preserving system integrity in different pressure situations because they are composed of an elastomeric energizing ring that guarantees positive sealing and a well-constructed polymer ring for dynamic sealing. Our seals are highly versatile, with a broad range of designs designed for both rod and piston configurations, providing a smooth fit for a variety of applications.
We make Piston Seal, Rod seals, Wiper rings
Advantages: –

  • Good sealing performance
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • It gives good energy efficiency due to low friction between seal ring & rod.
  • Pressure peaks does not affects the sealing.
  • High temperature resistance assured with O-Ring compound selection.
  • PTFE parts ensure high extrusion resistance.
  • Adaptable to nearly all media dependant on O-Ring selection.
  • Available in diameters from 10 mm – 700 mm.
  • Short axial assembly length.
  • Short radial assembly length.


  • Control cylinders.
  • Servo assisted equipment’s
  • Machine tools & quick acting cylinders.
  • Automotive applications (e.g. Shock absorber)
  • Process industries.
  • Quick acting cylinders.
  • Pneumatic applications.
  • Hydraulic applications

Sealing ring:- PTFE+ 40% Bronze, PTFE+ 25% Glass Fibre, Modified PTFE + 15% Glass
O-Ring:- NBR, HNBR, FKM.
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