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Guided Rings and Tapes

Guided Rings and Tapes are an essential safety precaution that reduces the possibility of metallic contact between reciprocating pistons and cylinders, especially in situations where external forces apply in an angle opposite to the direction of motion. The well filled PTFE-Compounds used in the careful construction of these specialty tapes guarantee maximum performance and longevity. Guided Rings and Tapes are specifically designed for both pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and are available in configurations to satisfy the demands of a variety of applications. In addition to preserving the component integrity, this strategic design increases the general effectiveness and lifespan of the systems in which they are used.

  • Vibration absorption effect.
  • Very good emergency running properties in low lubrication conditions.
  • High compressive strength, low wear, reduced friction.
  • Due to application-optimized geometry and compound suitable for use in lubricated as well as in oil free air ( after initial lubrication on assembly)


  • Pneumatic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic cylinders.

Material:- 25% Carbon filled PTFE, 40% Bronze filled PTFE.
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