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PTFE Bearing

Mask Seals’ PTFE-based bearing arrangements present a numerous advantages when compared to traditional metallic bearings. Outstanding chemical resistance, thermal resistance, low friction self-lubrication, decreased mass, non-magnetic characteristics, anti-static qualities, and a lower noise level are some of these advantages. Beyond a broad variety of filled PTFE compounds, Mask Seals provides bearings in a number of high-performance polymeric materials, including PEEK. Our wide range of options guarantees that our bearings meet a variety of needs and offer the best possible solutions for certain material and performance criteria.


  • Self-lubricating
  • Maintenance-free
  • High load capacity
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Minimal bearing play
  • Operating temperature up to 250°C


  • Elevators
  • Hydraulics
  • Textile machines
  • Butterfly valves
  • Consumer electronics

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